What Is Email Marketing and How to Run It?

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When doing their marketing, many companies use the strategy of email marketing. Do you understand email marketing and how to use it?

Simply described, this strategy involves the use of email for marketing. Please be aware, though, that this kind of marketing is distinct from others.

Glints will describe email marketing in the sections that follow, along with its importance, some winning tactics, and the best practices for mastering it.

What is Email Marketing?

The first email marketing campaign started in 1978. A total of $13 million was brought in by this marketing strategy. It becomes one of the most effective marketing strategies as a result.

According to HubSpot, email marketing is neither spam nor greetings from old friends. If the understanding is drawn, email marketing is the middle between the two types of email. 

When used properly, email marketing can help you build good relationships with customers. However, at the same time it also provides information about your product.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Compared to other marketing strategies, email marketing is a little more conventional. This type of marketing is different from social media marketing which can make people directly comment on the products provided.

However, in terms of building long-term relationships with customers, this technique can be said to be more appropriate. Through this technique, you can win the hearts of customers and make them more loyal.  

If a consumer remains devoted, he will later receive emails given to him about the product as well. They will also be eagerly anticipating receiving an email from the business with information on the most recent product.

Email marketing is crucial since it has a significantly higher chance of acquiring new customers than other strategies. According to WBR Digital, the success of this type of new consumer acquisition reached 81%, much higher than social media marketing which was only 51%.

The last thing that makes this breed important is its low cost. An email sent for $1 has the potential to generate up to $40, per a Direct Marketing Association research.

Email Marketing Strategy

A study says that there are 3.8 billion people who use email today. There is also another study that says email marketing is 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook.

In fact, there is data that states that customers often buy products immediately, after reading the email. This data shows that email marketing can be one of the best ways of marketing today.

However, to take advantage of this email marketing, of course you need some special strategies. Email demands a distinct strategy than social media platforms since it is different from them.

1. Know the habits of potential customers

The first step in any marketing plan is to become familiar with the customs of the target market. Learn about the identities and preferences of your prospects. Customer-friendly email content may then be prepared when this is finished. 

2. Set sales targets via email

First, research in your industry what the average sales success is from email. Set your sales goal using this average as a guide. Then, you also need accurate email usage data in order to set realistic targets. 

3. Group users  

It’s time to categorize users or customers into specialized lists if you already know your customer profiles and sales objectives. They can be categorized according to interests, age, place of residence, and other factors. They will receive a special email about the latest product, of course, which has been adjusted to the profile of the group.

4. Determine campaignyou

Before you begin sending emails, decide what kind of campaign you want to conduct. The subscriber profile of the email list you have grouped has anything to do with this campaign. Make sure your marketing is tailored to the characteristics of the target audience.

Don’t forget to schedule sending the appropriate email to your consumers. From the beginning, let your clients know what emails to send and how frequently they can expect to get them. This seeks to increase trust and ensure that people remember the brand.

5. Evaluate and measure the results

Analyze the effects of past email marketing campaigns. The degree of success must be determined as soon as the different tactics that have been illustrated above have been put into practice. There are various techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of email marketing.

This can be done by setting clear KPIs or using the A/B testing method. Important Things In Email Marketing There are several things that you should consider before implementing a good email marketing .

Email Marketing

Important Things In Email Marketing

There are several things you should pay attention to before implementing a good email marketing .

1. Contact segmentation

By doing segmented email marketing , you can get a high return on investment. What is a good contact segmentation? First, make sure the database you have is neat. Group the data you have clearly so that it is easy to understand. Then, gather the right information.

By getting the right information, it will be easier for you to create the segmentation needed for good email marketing . At the very least, know your ideal consumer and their decision-making process. Then, collect appropriate explicit and implicit data.

You can get explicit data directly from consumers. Meanwhile, implicit data is obtained from user behavior information such as engagement email, web analytics history, and data conversion. Both types of data are very important so that you can make the right conversations with the emails you send to consumers.

2. Email quality

In order for the email you send to produce the expected results, of course the content must be of quality. To ensure the quality of the email sent, you must be able to explain why the email was sent. Next, make sure you’re sending to the right people at the right time as well.

The content of the email that you send to consumers must be easy to understand. Of course, the email must reach the person who fits the segmentation you have specified. For example, sending marketing to remind users who haven’t purchased items from your online store or have kept items in their cart for a long time.

3. Email

optimization Email optimization is important to increase conversions in your email marketing. subject line is an important aspect to increase the likelihood that the email you send is opened by the recipient. Briefly load your attractive offers.

Make your email feel personal by including the recipient’s name. Do not use sentences that contain click-bait for email marketing. Better, provide a call-to-action to invite consumers toclick on the link contained in the email.

6 Easy Ways to Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes!

Email marketing are the biggest reason why many of marketing these digitalHave you experienced it? According to Quicksprout, there are at least 8 common mistakes that are often made in email marketing.

In order for your email marketingto be successful, don’t make the same mistakes.  The most important thing to be able to avoid email marketing is to ensure the quality of the emails you send. Find out the tips so you can create quality emails and avoid mistakes in email marketing below.

1. Proofreading so that there are no errors in Email

Proofreading once for email marketing? Not enough! 

Do it at least three times.

Indeed, now there are many tools that can help check writing automatically. However, don’t rely on software alone. Also use your ability to reread and make sure that there are no errors or irregularities in the writing in the email that you will send.

In addition to ensuring that there are no mistakes in writing, you also have to pay attention to the context of the writing that has been made. Without a clear and good context, your email will feel stilted and uninteresting. Do proofreading at least after writing, designing, and after the email quality assurance process that has been created.

2. Create an Efficient Feedback System

To avoid email marketing, you should always pay attention feedback from users after your email is sent. You can build a good feedback system using Slack, Hipchat, etc. to get direct feedback from users. Respond as quickly as possible to user input or feedback.

For example, if they experience problems accessing the page, immediately mobilize a team to provide replies and deal with the problems experienced by these users. By being responsive in handling the slightest feedback, you can avoid making mistakes in your email marketing .

3. Evaluation of All Variables The

entire team involved in planning email marketing needs to do quality assurance or process to ensure quality prior to finalization. Coder or designer need to do rendering email links or links, tracking, alt tags, and loads the HTML into the email platform.

Team Quality Assurance must check the use of all variables that have been checked by the coder or designer. Then, project manager should double-check all of these things before the email is sent and make sure the final version is ready to be forwarded to stakeholders . Finally, proofreader performs a cover check.

4. Email Back Audit

It is important to create a creative process cycle for email marketing. Revisit regularly, at least once a year to monitor the business and UX impact of your email marketing .

5. Dynamic Email Review

If you plan to send an email with a lot of dynamic content, always review it to see how it looks on various platforms before sending.

By always checking, you can ensure that no email marketing occur before it’s too late.

6. Don’t Rely on Tools

Automation in writing is very popular today. However, it can create email marketing. Relying on automation for copywriting is highly discouraged. You can use tool to make your work easier. But always remember to make sure the content you write can represent your brandwell.

Those were some ways you can do to avoid marketing mistakes with email marketing. Have you ever made one of the mistakes mentioned above? It’s okay, you can study again.