How to Choose a Trusted Digital Marketing Service?

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Did you know that digital marketing services are in high demand?

The reason is only one, because it can provide enormous benefits, namely increasing the number of sales and profits of a business or company.

Digital marketing can help improve business and product branding so that they are increasingly known to the public, without incurring large costs. This online marketing method can also reach a large audience in a short time.

Therefore, many business people and entrepreneurs choose digital marketing methods by utilizing third-party services (service provider companies).

Why is that? Because most companies can not do it alone effectively.

This is what causes the services of digital marketing service providers to be very important. Then what services are offered and how to choose the best service provider, we will provide the information for you.

Types of Services Offered

Every business basically needs marketing and the types will vary according to the scale, type, and budget of the business. Before you choose the right one for your business, first identify the following types of digital marketing services:

1. Website Creation

Many people think that the current website can no longer be a place for promotion. Even though this kind of thinking is very wrong, because the website is still the most popular medium in attracting an audience.

Website is like a house where you build a business. Therefore, a company needs to have it. Its function is to build a positive image in society.

Website development usually requires a budget ranging from IDR 1.5 to 8 million. There is a choice of platforms, hosting, features, views and types of management that you can choose from.

2. Online Advertising Services

There are two services offered, namely Facebook Ads and Google Ads. The advantage is that you can reach the audience according to the target market segmentation. For the problem of fees offered starting from IDR 50 thousand per day.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Services Digital marketing services also provide SEO content creation services that are currently widely used, because they are able to provide organic traffic to business websites. Services are available from IDR 3 million to 15 million per month.

4. Video Creation The

content displayed for digital marketing is currently very diverse, not only in the form of text, but also in the form of video. Even in some platforms the video content type is preferred.

If you want to make quality videos as a business marketing step, then you can choose a video creation service.

The fee is quite large starting from IDR 2 million per minute. So, the cost calculation is per video minute not per video.

5. Article Creation

Digital marketing services also include the creation of articles to fill your website. There are various types of articles to choose from, can be ordinary or SEO with the number of words on demand.

Usually articles are made using the MS Word platform and later you will post them yourself on the website. The cost per article starts from IDR 25 thousand or depending on the choice of language and the number of words.

6. Social Media Account Management

Getting consumers through social media is currently quite easy, the condition is that you must actively use social media accounts. You can use the services of experts in social media account management so as to increase sales.

Types of platform choices ranging from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Price range is IDR 1.5 million per month, but this is only for account management not including creating post content.

7. Blog Placement

Services The next service is blog placement, usually chosen for business expansion that enters new markets. The costs incurred start from IDR 100 thousand to 3 million per post. 

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Benefits of Online Ads

One of the most useful and widely used digital marketing services is online ads. We recommend you to use this service if you want to get a wider market and increase sales. Why should you use online ads or online ads, here are the reasons:

1. Much Cheaper

Costs The costs you need to spend to advertise online are much cheaper than conventional methods. For example, paid posts on platforms like Facebook can be done at a cost of IDR 300 thousand.

You already get a month’s worth of posting services at that cost, compare it to brochure printing. For 1000 sheets, you must spend a minimum of IDR 500 thousand, not to mention the cost of distributing it.

2. Clear Target

Paid online advertising has a clear target market so that the potential for sales is higher. Conventional advertising cannot target the market because the distribution is very random.

3. More Flexibility

Online advertising digital marketing services are also more flexible and can be tailored to your needs. Both in terms of budgeting or the choice of the type of advertisement.

4. Can Help Expand Business Networks

Because these ads can reach a wider market, it will be easier to get new business networks. You can reach a wider audience, even outside the island and abroad.

5. Increase Sales and Production Numbers The

more products you know, the higher the chances of being sold, so using this ads service can increase your sales figures. If more people order/buy, then production will also increase.

Advantages of Having Brand Awareness

All forms of business need to be known and known to people, only then can you sell and make a profit. This is where the role of digital marketing services is to help make your product or business known more broadly (brand awareness).

Brand awareness will influence consumers to try your services or buy your product for the first time (for new consumers).

Then for old consumers, the benefits are that these consumers want to continue to use the service or buy the product.

Therefore, increasing or creating (for new businesses) brand awareness and a positive image to consumers is important. This is possible through digital marketing.

By using digital marketing services, it will be easier for you to increase brand awareness and make it superior to competitors.

The more known your brand is, the more consumers will remember it and buy the products and services offered.

Because consumers tend to choose products or services from familiar brands over new brands. So, this branding has an advantage in marketing your products or services.

Trusted Digital Marketing Service

Reasons for the Importance of Digital Marketing in Business

The increasingly fierce business competition makes you have to be able to carry out powerful strategies so as not to lose to competitors. That is why every company needs marketing or marketing as a step for business promotion.

There are many marketing techniques that you can use according to your business needs and one of them is digital marketing. This marketing technique will provide various benefits and advantages for business development.

If you are still unsure about implementing digital marketing in your company, then take a look at the following reviews.

1. Helping to Strengthen Online Value in Business

The first reason why your business should implement digital marketing is because this marketing technique can strengthen online value in business.

Today, almost all stores provide online services to make it more practical. The stronger online value shows that our business is keeping up with the times and technology.

That way it will give the impression of being up to date or the latest, be it services, marketing to the products offered. Another benefit, the more consumers entrust their needs for an item or product to your newer business.  

2. Helping Businesses in Knowing Target Customers Online

The importance of digital marketing for business people is being able to get to know their target customers online. In business, determining the target customer is very important so that the product or service offered is in accordance with the target’s needs.

The application of digital marketing can be used as a solution to find out the level of customer demand online so that we will know more about what most consumers like or dislike as a target market.

You can use keywords or keywords suggested by Google to attract the attention of target customers to visit site . This method helps business people to recognize the interests and interests of their target customers.

3. Providing a Definite Direction for Business

The importance of digital marketing for the next company is to provide a definite direction for the business. In business, we need clear directions and goals so that every strategy carried out is towards the vision and mission of the company.

Some companies have not implemented digital marketing so that it is difficult to determine clear strategic goals. Even the difficulty in getting new customers and difficult to establish relationships with consumers online.

In fact, business people can take advantage of various online platforms to make it easier for them to establish relationships with customers. Definite direction and goals help the company in carrying out the strategy.

4. Digital Marketing Provides More Detailed Information about Customers

Without knowing a good customer, how can you create a product or service that suits their needs. You can feel the importance of digital marketing if you use a modern platform as a measure in the modern era.

For example, you can find out which slang phrases millennial employees use, as well as the trendy products they buy the most. With this information, you can create products that appeal to millennial employees.

Digital marketing is able to provide more detailed and detailed information about customers, even more complete information than Google Analytics.

How to Select a Reliable Digital Marketing Service

Because digital marketing is increasingly needed by today’s society, so many companies and individuals offer it. Therefore, you must be selective in choosing so that you can find a trusted service provider.

How do you find the best service provider among the many service providers currently available? You can choose it by applying the following methods:

  1. Choose a digital marketing service provider who already has a clear company profile, starting from the name, permission, to the office center must be clear. 
  2. Learn whether the available services suit your company or not. At the same time check prices and compare with other service providers. High quality is not always implied by a high price.
  3. Check the client portfolio, see who has collaborated with the service provider and how the testimonials are left.
  4. Find out how the methods are used and the technology. Usually each digital marketing service has its own method and will explain it on their website.

If you are still confused about finding a trusted service with quality service products, you can try using the Shipslib service. There is a wide selection of services at affordable prices.

You can first consult with the admin about the service you want and the amount of fees required.