Media Planning: How to Maximize the Use of Media for Marketing

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Marketing using media may seem confusing. Therefore, there is media planning that can be an important step for marketers. It is part of a campaign marketing.

The plan ensures that all the media used can optimally convey the message from brand that the target audience must hear. Come on, learn more about this strategy with Glints!

What is Media Planning?

Media planning is the process of making strategies and buying ad placements or ad placements.

To do proper planning, Bridge states that you have to understand the best combination of media.

The media used for this strategy can vary, ranging from print media to digital media.

Without media planning, marketing campaignmay not be optimal in achieving its goals.

The person in charge of this strategy is called the media planner.

Besides having to know the most appropriate combination of media, he must also be able to optimize the performance of the media used during the campaign period.

Media Planning Components

In making a media planning, there are several components that must be considered first according to Maryville University.

  • Audience: Companies must target ads at the right audience and deliver messages that are relevant and useful to them.
  • costs Marketing: Before executing a campaign with various media, the media planner must know how much it will cost.
  • Conversion goals: Goals must be set and how to achieve them.
  • Message frequency: Determination of how often the ad should be distributed to the target audience.
  • Message reach: How widely a message or advertisement should be spread.

Influencing Factors

Basically, media planning is a strategy that has three pillars, namely goals, audience, and reach.

These three things affect the effectiveness of a media use plan for a campaign.

Therefore, these aspects must be considered from the planning stage.

1. Goal

When thinking about the purpose of media planning, we must make it clear so that we know where the efforts are going and how to make it happen.

The goal of a media planning strategy can be to increase brand awareness, invite users to provide specific information for the brand, increase their participation, and so on.

Then, when setting goals, make sure their achievements can help the larger general marketing goals so that the company’s goals can be realized.

2. Audience

Of course, the audience is a factor that greatly affects the effectiveness of a media planning. 

As a media planner, you have to know what kind of consumers or people you will target with this strategy.

In addition, think about how the message conveyed through the media of your choice can be well received and be useful for them.

The hope is that they will be interested in purchasing the products or using the services you offer.

It would be even better if they could become loyal customers of brand.

3. Reach

Not everyone who consumes content from your chosen media can understand it at the same speed.

So, you have to think about how often the media should be disseminated so that it is seen or heard several times by someone until they feel interested.

Basically, the more widely and frequently a medium is distributed, the more likely it is to be effective in attracting an audience.

Media Planning Process

Media Planning

1. Market research

strategy Media planning must begin with market research.

The reason is, with market research, we will get relevant information to create good content for the target audience.

To do market research, first create a buyer persona so you know who the people need to be researched more deeply.

Then, find out what media and platforms they usually consume so that your content can reach effectively.

2. Create media planning

goals Without clear goals, plans for using media for marketing will not be made properly.

If you already have a certain goal, you can start planning what steps need to be taken to achieve it.

3. Define a media planning

Using templates for media planning is a way to simplify your work.

Some templates that are often used are editorial calendar templates and social media strategy.

With these templates , your work is not only easier, but also effective and more well-organized.

4. Execution and evaluation

After all the planning has been done as well as possible, the next stage is the execution of the plan.

Make sure everyone involved in this really understands their respective responsibilities and the goals to be achieved.

Do not forget to also evaluate the level of success of the plans that have been made.

Use metrics with concrete numbers to find out how close or far you are from the goals you set in the first step.

In order for media planning to be more successful, you also have to learn many other aspects of marketing.

Today, media mix is ​​a strategy that is applied to almost all brand marketing campaigns.

The concept has even been considered an important part of the world of marketing and advertising in the modern era.

This is true because with a media mix, brands can attract audiences from all available platforms.

Not only that, this strategy is also effective in increasing the popularity of brands, as well as the campaigns they launch.

So, really, what is a media mix? What is the example and how to apply it?

Then, what are the benefits that a company can achieve with a media mix? Come on, see the full presentation below!

What is Media Mix?

Before discussing the sundries, we first need to review the definition of media mix first.

According to the Marketing 91, a media mix is ​​a combination of channels that a brand to fulfill its marketing objectives.

This strategy is a powerful way for brands to advertise products and increase revenue quickly.

The costs incurred and the risk of failure are quite low. 

For this reason, it plays an important role in brand marketing strategies, especially those who want to reach consumers from far away locations.

The media mix can include the use of email, articles on websites, and posts social media 

However, brands more conventional

Companies generally refer to this strategy when planning how to achieve future campaign goals.

Media mix itself is another term for all the channels that brands to carry out their marketing strategies. 

In the end, the optimization of the media mix is ​​a process of analyzing the performance of each of these channels.

Examples of Application of Media Mix

Media Planning

As Glints explained, media mix is ​​a marketing strategy that is launched in many channels.

tactic marketing is often used by many brands, especially in this modern era.

One of brands that often uses mixed media is a beauty company, The Lip Bar.

They launched a multi-channel that was able to reach audiences both online and offline.

Well, here is an example of the application of media mix by a beauty company, The Lip Bar.

1. Website

According to Hubspot, the first platform used by The Lip Bar in their media mix was a website.

When they open the landing page of The Lip Bar website, viewers will see a photo of the CEO with the words “Shark Tank said no, 12,000 5-star reviews later, 100% that bawse.”

After clicking on the photo, the audience will arrive at a landing page that has the timeline of the brand .

From its launch in 2012, flagship in 2019, then expanding to 1,500+ stores by 2021.

Once it reaches 2022, audiences will see the taglineSomething Bawse is Coming.”

If you keep scrolling, your audience will reach a section that offers the launch date and time for The Lip Bar’s newest product.

2. YouTube

The next channel that The Lip Bar uses in its media mix is ​​YouTube.

At the beginning of 2022 yesterday, The Lip Bar released a new video on YouTube, with a duration of 45 seconds.

In it, they describe the CEO’s journey for 10 years to finally form The Lip Bar.

This strategy is very efficient, especially to attract the emotions of the audience and strengthen the credibility of the brand.

3. Offline

The last platform used by The Lip Bar in their media mix is billboards.

They publish advertisements on billboards in five major cities in the United States.

Basically, a media mix can provide insight into which channels are converting and which aren’t.

Well, The Lip Bar’s campaign is a good example of how brands use different channels to achieve their marketing goals.

How to Optimize Media Mix

Seeing how The Lip Bar works, media mix is ​​a strategy that is actually quite flexible.

In a sense, it can be utilized according to the needs and target audience of the company.

However, this strategy cannot be applied arbitrarily.

In order to have a positive impact, companies must be able to optimize media mix .

It is also necessary for brands to gain insight into the time and capital required to target audiences in a more personalized way.

So, here are the steps companies can follow to optimize media mix, according to Chron.

  • Determine the target audience and the message you want to convey.
  • Tailor the business channel to the customer’s buying stage.
  • Feel free to integrate each channel in the media mix.
  • Collect online and offline that can map CTA, such as visits and views on a website.
  • Analyze data and keep an eye on current audience trends.
  • Evaluate the impact of each media tool in driving conversions.
  • Re-adjust the media mix so that more of the budget is allocated to the best-performing media.

Benefits of Media Mix

Indeed, media mix is ​​one of the best marketing strategies in this modern era.

This is true because it is effective for increasing brand in various available channels.

Not only that, the media mix is ​​also effective in increasing brand in a short time.

In addition to these two things, the media mix offers a number of other benefits that can benefit the company.

Curious about anything? Launching Marketing 91, here is a list and an explanation.

  • Increase awareness identity brand.
  • Companies are becoming more responsive to channels that are able to produce the best performance.
  • The costs incurred for the campaign are not expensive.
  • Able to provide insight regarding future marketing strategy trends.
  • Become a consideration tool for the budgeting company’s marketing
  • Optimization of all company channels in no time

That’s Glints’ brief overview of all the media mixes, from meaning to benefits.

In essence, the media mix is ​​the combination of all the channels that a brand to fulfill its marketing objectives.

This strategy is now considered as one of the best ways to increase brand sales.

Therefore, before jumping into the world of marketing, make sure you understand this strategy carefully, OK?