Here are 9 Digital Marketing Types: What are They?

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Of course many people already know about digital marketing. Moreover, now many services or businesses use digital marketing services to market their services. Therefore, having digital marketing strategy knowledge is an important thing to have. Apart from business owners, having digital marketing skills is also one of the skills that must be learned by individuals for a smooth future career.

Actually, what is digital marketing? So, digital marketing is a way of marketing digitally or online, namely by using the internet. Now, digital marketing activities are trending. It’s no wonder that on Google, the search results for the keyword “digital marketing” can reach two billion!

Well, for those of you who want to learn digital marketing, you need to know the basics of digital marketing first. One of the most important things is related to digital marketing types. So, what is digital marketing types? Check out the full explanation below.

The First Type of Digital Marketing: Content Marketing

Do you know what content marketing is? So, this is one of digital marketing types that focuses on creating and disseminating content for a specific target market. The purpose of creating content is to attract consumers or potential users. Some examples of content marketing are podcasts, blog posts, case studies, videos, and e-books.

Here’s The Next Type of Digital Marketing: Email Marketing

Who does not know about the use of e-mail? Yes, email is also one of the digital marketing types. In fact, email marketing is the digital marketing that is most in demand by business people. The reason is, making marketing via email is considered easier and cheaper.

Not only marketing services or products, email marketing can also build customer relationships. So, you are not only sending advertisements to customers, but also making a deep impression on them. Leave warm messages to your customers regarding the products you offer, answer their complaints, and eventually customers will come to you.

SEO: One of The Most Popular Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization or often referred to as SEO is one of the digital marketing types that aims to be able to generate good traffic in a free or paid way. If you want to get lots of visitors to your website, then you have to optimize your website by creating content that contains trending keywords and is relevant to the topic you are discussing. You can make titles, content, descriptions, and backlinks that match the topic.

If you don’t do this, it’s impossible for your website to be in the main internet searches. Therefore, SEO is one of the most important things in digital marketing. With good SEO, you will get lots of website visitors and eventually it will have a good impact on your sales.

Almost Similar to SEO, There’s Also SEM: What is It?

SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing, is a digital marketing strategy that is used to increase the visibility of a website on search engines (SERPs). Some of them are Yahoo, Google, and Bing. SEM is one of the paid digital marketing types. Therefore, SEM is also known as Paid Search Advertising, paid Search, or Pay per Click.

To carry out this digital marketing activity, you must bid on keywords that are searched for by internet users for a particular product, service or information. So, if you do that, then later when these keywords are searched by users, your website or ad will appear.

Next: There’s Pay-Per-Click or PPC

Well, one of these digital marketing types is almost similar to Google Adwords. You have to pay a certain fee for every person who clicks on or visits your website. You can calculate the rate per click and set it yourself. However, you can also use the recommendations given.

One thing you should know, if you want your website to be in the top rankings of internet searches, then you need more people to visit your website. Therefore, the cost per click that you have to pay will also be greater.

You Can Also Try Instant Messaging Marketing

Instant Messaging Marketing is the newest marketing communication trend. Currently, more than 1.5 billion people around the world use WhatsApp, so using this digital marketing strategy will certainly help you a lot. You only need to send broadcast messages to your target users or consumers via short messages on WhatsApp.

Television Marketing: Maybe You Already Know This Type 

Yes, television has been a medium that has existed for a long time. This media has been serving advertisements for a long time. So, it’s incomplete if we don’t include television marketing in the types of digital marketing that we discuss here.

Is marketing through television still considered important at this time? The answer is “yes.” The reason is, now the average television viewer spends 4.5 hours watching television shows. No wonder television is still considered a good medium for advertising. Of course you also feel it, because surely you often see advertisements on television for once an hour.

Affiliate Marketing: A Trending Digital Marketing Strategy

Affiliate marketing is becoming a popular marketing method these days. Many people get a lot of sales and income by doing this affiliate marketing. Not surprisingly, many people are trying to become a good affiliate marketer in order to get a large passive income.

Actually, what is affiliate marketing like? So, affiliate marketing is a process in which someone works with a particular business or service to be able to earn income in the form of a commission from every sale or business traffic generated.

For example, you put a business website link on your social media account and finally there are people who click on the link. So, when those people make transactions there, you will get a commission from each of these payment transactions. 

Finally, There is Social Media Marketing or SSM: Of Course You are Already Familiar with This Type of Digital Marketing

The presence of social media really brings good opportunities for business people. The reason is, nowadays almost everyone uses social media in their daily lives. Given this, of course, using social media as a marketing medium is a profitable thing.

Not only being able to market your product or service, social media also helps you to be able to establish good relationships with customers and introduce your brand to them. This social media marketing also contains various activities such as having conversations with customers, listening to their complaints, and sharing a lot of information. Of course, everything that you share with your customers must be in accordance with what they like so that your marketing goals are truly on target.

So, those are digital marketing types that you must know if you want to start a career as a digital marketer. You only need to know the types of digital marketing and choose the one that suits your interests and expertise. Then, study it in depth.

Actually, there are many digital marketing jobs that you can look for. If you are interested in becoming a digital marketer, you can take a digital marketing course to learn the basics. So, are you interested in becoming a digital marketer with which specialization? If you have determined it, don’t forget to immediately look for and take part in digital marketing training.