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Top 13 Digital Marketing Certificate Courses

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The internet development has brought many important changes to how products are communicated and sold. Today, marketing trends are starting to shift to digital marketing. In this article, we are going to discuss digital marketing certificate courses that you may try to boost your skills.

Definition of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be interpreted as the marketing or promotional activities of a brand, product, or service carried out through digital media. The goal of this marketing is to reach as many customers as possible in an efficient, relevant, and effective way.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

This method of promotion offers many advantages for business development. These benefits are:

1. Communicate with consumers

Today, the majority of people rely on the Internet for various purposes; practically, in cyberspace, they depend on it all day. Entrepreneurs who advertise online are more likely to connect with consumers. Marketing is done online through social media and websites.

2. Help track consumer behavior

Everything from actions to decisions to consumer preferences is tracked when you decide to use digital marketing techniques. So this marketing can really help you get to know your consumers better and get your marketing right.

3. Increase business income

If you want to quickly increase your business’s income, digital marketing is the way to go. As promotions become more effective and accessible to consumers, they are very likely to result in high employee turnover.

4. A more competitive business

Marketing your products and services digitally gives your business a competitive edge. Its existence is more assured because it is flexible and always up-to-date.

5. Easier marketing techniques

Digital marketing makes the promotion and marketing process easier. In other words, all you have to do is manipulate the cursor on your computer screen. So it is possible for you to do it yourself. But you can also make it more practical with the services of a trusted digital marketing agency.

Top 13 Free Digital Marketing Certificate

Here are some recommendations for digital marketing certificate courses you can consider.

1. Google Ads Certification

“Digital marketing” is to promote your products online. One of them uses Google Ads. This Google service helps you reach users according to your product’s purpose. 

Google Ads offers different certifications based on the advertising services you offer (video, search, shopping, apps, and display network). To participate in this program, you must complete all lessons and pass the exam with an accuracy rate of 80% or higher. 

Google Ads provides 3–5 hours of study time in English format. To register, you must wait up to 7 days before you can retake the exam if you do not pass.

2. Google Analytics Individual Qualification

When it comes to managing your website and doing SEO, you definitely make heavy use of Google Analytics. Google provides a separate Google Analytics credential to better understand how to use it. 

Here you’ll learn about Google Analytics data collection, metrics, management, transformation, planning, reporting, and implementation. If you want to participate, spend 3 hours in an English-format class.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn not only provides a social medium for professionals to meet and grow their network, but also LinkedIn Learning, a paid learning platform with a monthly subscription system. 

LinkedIn Learning has nearly 15,000 classes that you can choose and share based on your needs. Here you can learn about search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, and email marketing. 

For a fee, Linkedin Learning also offers a one-month free trial for new users. If you can complete it within that period, you don’t have to pay the fee.

4. Wordstream Growth Academy

Have you used this software before? WordStream is an online advertising management software that allows you to manage your Bing, Facebook, and Google Ads campaigns from one dashboard. 

Its academy helps you learn online advertising. from YouTube ads, Google Shopping ads, Facebook ads, and Google ads to conversions.

5. HubSpot Academy

An integrated CRM platform consisting of a sales hub, a marketing hub, a service hub, and a CMS hub. To advance your skills in the world of digital marketing, HubSpot offers digital marketing certifications that include content marketing and social media.

6. Semrush Academy

Semrush is not only a digital marketing tool; it also offers a certificate program that you can join. In the tests, Semrush is as complete as the PPC, SMM, and SEO provided by Google. Interestingly, you can take all classes without paying any fees.

7. Bing Ads

Bing is a search engine like Google. Bing provides digital marketing testimonials, including how to increase your ROI when advertising on digital media. 

If you would like to participate, please visit Bing Ads and select the class you would like to take. Interestingly, this class is free.

8. Hootsuite Academy

If you’ve ever managed social media, the name Hootsuite looks familiar. Hootsuite is one of the most famous and widely used social media management apps. 

The certification programs offered by Hootsuite are very expensive, and the certification process is very rigorous. 

9. YouTube Creator Academy

Not only Google but also YouTube seems to have a learning program called YouTube Creator Academy. Here you will learn how to create, improve, and grow your YouTube channel. 

However, the certification program is only for partners and creators with a Content ID or YouTube Partner Manager. There is no cost, and there are about 8 units available.

10. Flight School Twitter

To this day, Twitter is still the social media in use. Twitter Flight School is a certified tutorial that covers everything you need to know about advertising on Twitter. 

Interestingly, not only can you get a certificate, but you don’t have to pay any tuition fees. You are also free to choose which modules you want to work on. If you want to follow him, visit her Twitter page on Flight School.

11. Facebook Blueprints

Like Twitter, Facebook has a Facebook Blueprint to help you better understand advertising on this social medium. The Digital Marketing Certificate earned here is available in 8 units and is valid for up to 1 year. If you want to extend, you have to go back to class.

12. Google’s Digital Garage

The next digital marketing certification is from Google Digital Garage. This program is suitable for those new to digital marketing and the world of Google. The reason is that learning and theory here begin with foundational knowledge that is important to understand. 

Unlike other courses, this one is accredited by the European Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Open University. You can learn about search engine marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and data analytics. You will need to answer the questions at the end of the session to obtain your certificate.

13. Google Analytics Academy

This certification program from Google helps you demonstrate your ability to process data and transform it into important information that helps you make decisions. Classes are available from beginner to advanced or expert levels. The program is free and allows you to complete each chapter in up to six hours.

Finally, you can find many digital marketing certificate courses on the Internet. Besides adding knowledge, this certification will of course help you later when signing up for a job, especially in the field of digital marketing. Do you know which certificate to choose? I hope the above references are helpful.