Advantages of Pay Per Click, Digital Marketing Services

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Digital marketing services are professional services that help business owners market or advertise their brands and products online. Namely through search engine searches, social media, and paid channels.

There are various digital marketing services that you can use, one of which is Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC is an advertising model that is suitable for reaching the widest audience because the majority of people access the internet every day.

Pay Per Click itself is an internet marketing method by displaying internet ads where advertisers only need to pay when their impressions are clicked by the target audience. We will explain PPC in full in the following review.

Know the purpose of pay per click and feel the benefits.

The purpose of pay per click is very diverse and certainly beneficial for business development. Pay per click or PPC is a digital marketing strategy that is quite effective in increasing sales significantly. Using it in an online business can help improve branding. PPC allows you to get a lot of visitors. From the number of website visitors can be converted into consumers and even regular customers, so the results are quite tempting. PPC is quite effective in increasing traffic, but you need to pay partners who provide links to your website. You must first determine the purpose of its use so that it is effective and efficient to do. At least knowing some of these things will help you to know what the purpose of pay per click really is and why you should use it for business. So you know the real benefits.

Know About Pay per Click

Pay per click or also known as cost per click is one type of advertising that generates traffic to your business site. Every single click the user will get paid. If you are an advertiser, you must pay the publisher. Publishers here can be other people’s websites, social media accounts or search engines. If you are still a beginner then there is a different way, so you can benefit from the real pay per click goal. In this case, you can work with other social media accounts. So this will provide benefits. PPC is one of the digital marketing methods and campaigns that is quite helpful for business growth. It can be used by large companies as well as newbie online businesses to promote the latest products and services.

How Pay per Click Works

Before using it for promotional needs you need to understand how PPC works. This tool is quite unique, because only relying on click traffic will maximize your potential to get potential customers. Here’s how:

  1. Starting with the collaboration between 2 sites. That is choosing social media that has a lot of followers. An example of Instagram belongs to a friend with 20,000 followers. Then insert your site’s reference link. This method is effective in helping you to achieve the right pay per click goals. Because by choosing the media with the most followers, it can automatically expand a larger network to attract customers.
  2. Create keywords. Create a keyword so that when internet users browse your address will appear. It can also be the address from social media or the partner’s website that you have previously selected. So that’s how PPC media works for today’s business growth and development. By understanding how it works, of course this will help you to know more about the purpose of PPC

Types of Pay Per Click (PPC)

As one of the digital marketing services, pay per click services are launched by a number of major platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram. You can use the following types of PPC to achieve digital marketing goals.

1. Search Advertising

Search advertising is pay per click advertising that appears on search engine results pages such as Google or Bing. Website content that uses PPC services is marked with the words ‘Ads’ next to the search results.

To install PPC in the form of search advertising, you must have a website. Because later the content will lead to the advertiser’s website. What needs to be considered when installing search advertising is keyword placement.

In order for the performance of the digital marketing service of your choice to be satisfactory, do careful keyword research. Place keywords that are relevant to your target audience’s search to increase quality traffic.

2. Social Advertising

The next type of pay per click advertising is social advertising. This is advertising that is served through social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Social advertising can be broadcast through various features.

For example the homepage feature, stories, and others. Usually, social advertising providers provide flexibility for advertisers to manage their ads. So that advertisers can target the target audience more specifically.

3. Display Advertising

Digital marketing services in the form of other PPC, namely display advertising or also called Google Display Network (GDN). Google Display Network is an advertisement that is served in the form of display ads.

The advantage of display ads is that the ads that you create can be broadcast spread throughout the internet. This is different from search advertising because display ads can appear on various websites belonging to publishers who work with Google.

Display ads can be made in the form of text or visuals such as photos, videos, to gifs. Interestingly, GDN doesn’t only appear on publisher websites. However, it can also be displayed on various applications to mobile games.

4. Google Shopping

Digital marketing services in the form of PPC which you can also use is Google Shopping. This type of PPC is displayed on the Shopping menu or Shopping on the Google search page.

When a visitor clicks on this ad, they will be directly directed to your online store on the e-commerce website. This is perfect for entrepreneurs who market their products through the marketplace.

5. Remarketing

Remarketing is a PPC digital marketing service that is broadcast to certain internet users. Namely to those who have previously visited your website or have made a purchase.

Through this type of PPC, you can convince potential consumers who are already interested in the product offering to immediately buy the product. In addition, remarketing is also effective in inviting consumers to make repeat purchases.

Advantages of Choosing Pay Per Click Digital Marketing Services

The sheer number of internet marketing services might make you wonder why you should consider using PPC. Here are some of the advantages of using PPC to market products online.

1. Targeting a Targeted Audience

Pay per click allows advertisers to set a specific target audience. This means that advertisers can reach the audience they want and thus potentially lead to higher conversions.

For example, if the product being marketed is in the form of women’s fashion, then you can target the audience according to the target market. Targeting can also be done by location to reach a specific area.

In addition, advertisers can also set how many audiences they want to reach. Starting from 10 thousand, 20 thousand, to 50 thousand audiences. The greater the audience reach, the greater the cost.

2. Get Results Instantly

The advantage of using one of these digital marketing services is that it provides instant results. It won’t take you long to see the ad serving results.

Another case if implementing SEO which takes longer. If you are holding a promo or other campaign in the near future, then choosing PPC is an effective marketing strategy.

3. Adjustable Budget

One thing that immediately comes to mind when a business owner wants to create an ad is the cost. Placing an ad can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. But your advertising budget can be more efficient with PPC.

This is because fees are only charged when the ad gets a click. The reach setting feature allows advertising budgets to be reduced and more efficient. Don’t forget to evaluate PPC performance to get better results.

4. Not Affected by Algorithms This

digital marketing service allows you to continue serving promotional content without being affected by algorithm updates. Google to Facebook often update their algorithms so that it affects the ranking of your content.

As a result, promotional content can sink. But algorithm changes are nothing to worry about when you advertise via PPC. That way, the promotional content that is distributed always reaches the target audience.

5. Potential Click Opportunities

One of the reasons why pay per click advertising is effective is that some search engine and social media users can’t tell the difference between PPC and organic content. This means that this advertising service has a lot of potential.

How to Make Pay Per Click Ads

After knowing the various benefits provided, now is the time for you to start placing PPC ads. There are at least 3 methods to create this digital marketing services advertisement.

 1.Google Ads

Google is still the most popular search engine both in Indonesia and globally. More than 97% of search engine users in Indonesia use Google to find information. While the rest use Yahoo and Bing.

Google’s dominance in the competitive search engine market signifies this is a potential platform to market your product. Google Ads services provide two types of PPC, namely search ads and display ads.

How to advertise products through Google Ads is very easy. You just need to create a Google account and Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). Advertising payments can be made through various methods.

2. Facebook Ads

Digital marketing services in the form of PPC ads that are no less powerful are Facebook Ads. Statistics released by Internetworldstats state that Facebook users in Indonesia reached 175.3 million as of March 2021. To serve ads on Facebook, you must first create a Facebook page.

3. Instagram Ads

According to Napoleon Cat’s report, there are 91.01 million Indonesians who actively use Instagram. You can create Instagram Ads through Facebook Ads Manager and serve them through feeds or stories.

Promoting products through PPC advertising helps your business grow faster. For that, there is no need to hesitate to use one of the digital marketing services, namely pay per click.